Adaptive Cables, Adapters, and Interfaces
Part number: 9708-8846
Revision date: 8/15/2001
Title: Adaptive™ Cables, Adapters, and Interfaces

Contains detailed RS232 and RS485 sign connector pinout drawings for Alpha 200 Series, Alpha 300 Series, Alpha 4000 Series, Alpha 7000 Series, AlphaVision, BetaBrite, Big Dot, Director, PPD, and Solar signs.

Contains schematic layouts and parts lists for RS232, RS485, and Message Loader connectivity options.

Contains pinout drawings for the following components:

  • RS232 modular adapter (DB9F-RJ12F)
  • RS232 modular adapter (DB25F-RJ12F)
  • RS232 PC to Sign cable (DB9F-RJ12M)
  • RS485 Converter Box
  • Message Loader
  • RS485 modular cables (RJ11M-RJ11M)
  • RS232 modular cable (RJ12M-RJ12M)
  • Message Loader cables (RJ12M-RJ12M)
  • RS232 attachment cable for PC to Converter Box III (DB9F-DB9M version)
  • RS232 attachment cable for Modem to Converter Box III (DB25M-DB9M)
  • End of Line Terminator
  • Modular Network Adapter
  • RS232 cable connector (RJ12F-RJ12F)

This manual has been replaced by the Networking Alpha Signs manual 9700-0112.


Adaptive™ Cables, Adapters, and Interfaces (1.1 MB)