AlphaVision PC Type 12 Sign Installation Instructions
Part number: 9711-2702D
Revision date: 01/14/2003
Title: AlphaVision PC™ Type 12 Sign Installation Instructions

The AlphaVision™ PC sign uses either the Windows CE or Windows 2000 operating system. It can be configured for alphanumeric and graphic displays using standard ActiveX controls, which are included. Networking options available are Ethernet and RS232 (Windows CE only).

The signs are full-matrix and come standard in NEMA 12. They are available in single-sided or double-sided configurations. Peripheral outputs are available for four associated speakers, four independent relays (such as for alarms, bells, or stack lights), and one 5 VDC output.

This manual provides an introduction to the equipment and an overview of networking and installing the signs.

In this "D" version of the manual, information on installing and using the Windows 2000 option, as well as information on the new turbo card, was added.

Download: AlphaVision PC™ Type 12 Sign Installation Instructions (2.5 MB)