Gateway Messaging Software User Manual
Part number: 9711-8808A
Revision date: 11/3/2000
Title: Gateway Messaging Software User Manual
Description: This 48-page document gives numerous examples of how to use the Gateway Editor to create and to store messages in Alpha signs equipped with the Gateway firmware.

NOTE: This manual, document 9711-8808A for Gateway Messaging Software version 1.7, is used with a family of GATEWAY I/O devices that feature DIN-rail mounting and several different 3-module configurations, each specifically designed to interface with a single type of network. Document 9703-7004, for Gateway Messaging Software up to version 1.5b, is used with GATEWAY I/O devices configured for serial connection.

NOTE: For the best results, Alpha signs should be equipped with version "b" or later Gateway firmware. See Current Firmware List.
Download: Gateway Messaging Software User Manual (1.1 MB)