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Alpha Call Center Statistics Display System
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Convenient and Automatic -- ACD Call Centers with Avaya ACD phone systems may use the popular Alpha programmable LED Signs (readerboards) to exhibit ACD Call Center statistics and Supervisor messages to Agents and Supervisors in one or more splits, queues, skillsets or application areas. If Supervisors and Agents PC's are on a local area network using a Windows® platform (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP), then Supervisors may type messages on their PC using a browser screen and Internet Explorer. The ACD statistics and messages display on the Alpha LED readerboards and optionally on Agent and Supervisor computer screens.

Several connectivity options are available for reading a long list of real-time and historical ACD statistics from the Avaya ACD phone system:



Typical Avaya Statistics

Where:     CW=Calls Waiting       MN=Agents Manned   LCW=Longest Call Waiting WT=Agents Waiting   AC=Agents on ACD Calls DN=Agents on DN Calls   NR=Agents Not Ready AB=Abandoned Calls

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Popup with Title Bar Showing Last Update

Popup with Title Bar Suppressed

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Alpha Call Center Statistics and Messaging System - Avaya Version.


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