Site Manager vs. Remote Control Keyboard

A comparison between sequencing messages with the Remote Control Keyboard and with AlphaNet Plus for Windows.

With the Remote Control Keyboard:

  1. Use the Remote Control Keyboard to type messages into several message memory areas -- Program Text File C, D, E, F, G, etc.
  2. Press the <RUN> key.
  3. Press the <SELECT> key.
  4. Type the letters of the message memory areas -- CDEFG, etc. -- in the desired display sequence.
  5. Press the <RUN> key again to begin displaying the messages in sequence.

If you made a mistake along the way, you must press the <PROGRAM> key and repeat steps (2) through (4) and retype your sequence, even if the sequence was correct the first time.

With AlphaNet Plus for Windows:

  1. Create each message using the Message Editor.
  2. Save each message on hard disk or diskette.
  3. In Site Manager use the Messages pull-down menu (add, insert and replace) to create a Message List for one of the sites in the desired message display order.
  4. Click the "lightning bolt" to transmit the list of message files to the specified AMS message centers.

The messages transmit and display in your specified order. If you made a mistake, go back to step (3), correct the message sequence on the Site Manager screen and click the "lightning bolt" again. No typing is required.