Networking Alpha Signs on a TCP/IP Network
Part number: 9708-8093C
Revision date: 5/3/2001
Title: Networking Alpha™ Signs on a TCP/IP Network

Contains detailed information on connecting one or more standard Alpha™ signs to a TCP/IP network using the original Alpha Ethernet Adapter Kit, the Lantronics MSS100, and the Lantronics MSS485. It has schematic drawings and detailed parts lists for each solution. Redirector software, AlphaNet Plus software, Gateway software, and Smart Alec software settings are described in detail.

NOTE: These software programs and Microsoft Windows have been upgraded or discontinued (Smart Alec). This manual has been replaced by the Networking Alpha Signs manual 9700-0112 with up-to-date informtion on software and connectivity options.


Networking Alpha™ Signs on a TCP/IP Network (1.2 MB)